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Climate and windows

Our motorhomes and houses are built in Southeast Asia where the climate is mostly hot. It is not always hot, though, and temperatures can and do go down to almost zero, in northern Thailand, and certainly in Laos and Burma.

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But mostly it is hot. And often really hot. The weather is comfortable only in an unwalled, roofed shed, open on all four sides.

But you can't sleep in such a shed without a mosquito net. Mosquito-borne disease is wide-spread, malaria often drug-resistant, and dengue fever epidemic even in urban areas.

These are the facts we had to start with. Our steel frame structure allows us to have both long sides of every unit fully windowed. At a length of 3.50 meters, more than 3 meters are windowed. We only install wood-paneled casement windows, fully mosquito-screened, and having an iron grill for theft protection.

Sleeping in our units, with all windows open on both sides, but totally protected from viewers on the outside, is certainly the best night comfort you can get in Southeast Asia that no stone house and no air con can match.


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