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Your motorhome and your sex life

As a simple rule of thumb, the further away you are from civilisation, the larger the acceptable age discrepancy between you and your partner, and the less the pressure for a government-approved union.

If, for example, you own a motorhome in Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, or Laos, you can drive to a really remote area, park there for a day or two, make friends with some villagers, and mention that you want to find a wife (no formal marriage requested).

The woman may well be 30 or 40 or 50 years younger than you.

You can have a village ceremony a week later, and then live in your motorhome, or bring some movable units there.

This would not happen to you without a motorhome or mobile housing because you would be considered a tourist who may be out of the country the next week.

And without a motorhome, you yourself would not consider the option of staying in such a remote area, as usually, accommodation is the shabbier the further away you are.

You have to have appropriate facilities first before the opportunities come along.


  • Truck-mounted units

  • Stand-alone units

  • Units combined as house

  • Dimension and frame

  • Furnishings

  • Climate and windows

  • Floors, walls, roof

  • Toilets, bathrooms

  • Electric system

  • Prices

  • Delivery and transport

  • Building permits

  • Sleeping comfortably

  • Freedom housing

  • Better than high-tech

  • No compromise

  • The engineering of love, revisited

  • Your motorhome and your sex life

  • Tropical redwood

  • Factory photos

  • Other Thai wood houses

  • PT Wigwam Motorhome

  • Pengesahan Hukum PT Wigwam Motorhome

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