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Tropical redwood

The bodies of all our housing units are build of boards of tropical redwood (mai daeeng in Lao and Thai). This is the finest wood under the sky. It has a beautiful red color that looks at its best when the sun shines after a rain shower.

The wood resists any kind of weather and any kind of bug without being treated in any way. Not just weather and bugs it perfectly resists for longer than just 100 years. Its also the wood they used for railway sleepers, and to build wooden piers in salt water for ocean going vessels. The mai daeng stems last more than 20 years in that function until destroyed ny mechanical abrasion (not so much the salt water). Mai daeng is really a dream of a building material, with just one disadvantage: it is already quite pricey, especially for anything longer than 150 cm.

There isn't much mai daeng left in the world. In most of the few countries where it once was abound, it is now a protected plant. Only Laos still has commercial logging for redwood, and that is where our stock comes from, with proper tax and customs receipts.

There are many reasons to buy Wigwam units. One of them is that the redwood wall panels and floor and roofing boards in ten or twenty years will have a higher monetary value than the complete unit bought today.


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