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We have 2 standard designs:

1. Room units that can either be placed on a pickup truck to serve as motorhome, as stand-alone rooms, or be combined as a house. The price of room units is 500,000 Baht.

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2. Veranda units used as links for room units. The price of veranda units is 300,000 Baht.

Units are a steel frame, with floor, roof, and walls build of tropical redwood from Laos.

The raw material value is primarily in the redwood. We supply tax and duty documentation with every unit. This is important proof that legal redwood has been used. Within Thailand, redwood is a protected species that is prohibited from being transported or traded, unless it is imported from Laos.

Even in Laos, the cutting of redwood needs special permits. Our redwood has been obtained from hydroelectric dam construction sites where hundreds of square kilometers of forest will be permanently flooded. Even in Laos, supply is limited, and certainly prices will go up.


  • Truck-mounted units

  • Stand-alone units

  • Units combined as house

  • Dimension and frame

  • Furnishings

  • Climate and windows

  • Floors, walls, roof

  • Toilets, bathrooms

  • Electric system

  • Prices

  • Delivery and transport

  • Building permits

  • Sleeping comfortably

  • Freedom housing

  • Better than high-tech

  • No compromise

  • The engineering of love, revisited

  • Your motorhome and your sex life

  • Tropical redwood

  • Factory photos

  • Other Thai wood houses

  • PT Wigwam Motorhome

  • Pengesahan Hukum PT Wigwam Motorhome

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