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Floors, walls, roof

Cemented floors are uncomfortable and bad for one's health.

OK, in a cool country, or in Europe in general, cemented floors are not so bad. But there, one wears shoes inside.

That is not done anywhere in Southeast Asia except by policemen.

Other people take of their shoes in a house. And that is perfectly comfortable if the floor is wood, as in traditional houses and our units.

Walking barefoot on cemented and tiled floors will lead to rheumatism and back pain.

And houses built of stone, as Westerners like them, are unsuited for another reason: temperature.

Even shanks that are roofed with sheets of galvanized iron have a temperature more suited for comfortable sleep than do stone houses.

For sure, galvanized iron roofing gets hot during a day of tropical sunshine. But galvanized iron sheets just take an hour or so to cool down after sunset.

Stone houses, and especially stone roofs, on the other hand, store an enormous amount of heat. And that heat is preserved throughout a night.

A cooled-down temperature is very important for good sleep. In a stone house in hot climate, you can have that only with aircon. But air con is also not comfortable. Not in a room. Air con is OK in large buildings like department stores, but not in residential houses.

The solution, of course, is to build residential houses in tropical countries of wood.


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