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Dimension and frame

Each unit is 3.50 meters long, 2.12 meters wide, and 2.12 high. These dimensions were decided for so that the units would fit well on the flatbed of a Deva pickup truck. The Deva is the largest pickup truck that can be registered in Thailand as a private vehicle and driven with a standard car driving license. Deva trucks cost about 600,000 Baht new. The units can also be mounted on other flatbed pickup trucks like the Tata.

Large photo

Mounted on a pickup truck, the units can be used as standard motorhomes.

All our units have a "wooden house" appearance. If one does not look too closely, they may even seem to be built of wood entirely.

But this is not the case. Underlying the wood is an elaborate steel structure. Yes, wood is a beautiful construction material, much much better than stone. But wood is vulnerable to torsion. Which is why cars in general are built of metal.

Apart from its vulnerability to torsion, wood, especially the tropical hardwood we are using, is wonderful. Wood is an excellent insulator in cold and hot weather. Tropical hardwood that needs zero chemical treatment is an absolutely healthy material (unlike anything built of stone which inevitably emits radioactivity). Of course, wood is beautiful. And our tropical wood certainly preserves its value for decades. We use "mai daeng" from Laos. This is the wood traditionally used in Southeast Asia to build saltwater piers and lay railway sleepers. Even under the most adverse conditions, this wood just refuses to rot. It is also not eaten by termites.


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