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Toilets, bathrooms

Our units that are used as motorhomes are equipped with both a standard house toilet and a camping toilet.

The house toilet drains to the ground below the truck, which is usually just the roadside. The toilet bowel is also the sink for water used in the motorhome.

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The camping toilet is not attached to the unit. It comes with the unit, but you can decide yourself whether and when to take it along.

Drainage to the road is usually not a problem, especially in the countryside in Southeast Asia.

Our units do not have a water tank and no full bathroom, for good reason. But for cold weather, there is a bathtub that can be brought along. Like with the camping toilet, it comes with the unit but is not attached, so it can be left at any storage facility.

There is no water tank, but of course you need water. The unit comes with ten 6-liter water bottles that can be refilled anywhere.

"Refilling anywhere" is something you cannot do with the kind of water tank usually fitted into motorhomes. Where do you refill such an installed water tank? You need a long hose that you screw on a faucet. Where? At home, yes. At camping grounds, maybe. At gas stations? In many places they won't let you. They can not see how many cubic meters you fill. Even if in reality it's just 100 liters and costs a single-digit cent amount.

But you can always refill a few 6-liter bottles of water at any faucet, and it's less fuss than trying to attach a hose to a faucet with a different thread, and by just using 6-liter bottles that you can refill anywhere, you are truly water-independent, which is a necessity for your freedom.

With our truck-mounted units, you will have to forgo overhead showers because the place is just too limited for a bathroom enclosure to barrier the splash. But if you have the time, and especially in cold weather, you can always prepare a hot bath in the tab.

And for quicker body cleaning, just heat a large pot of water on the gas stove and wipe your body with a face towel.

Freedom is worth a few adjustments.


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