When creating your shelter, do not underestimate the aspect of building permits.

For any permanent structure, you need a building permit anywhere in the world. Westerners are aware of this requirement in the Western world. Poor people in Southeast Asia have a vague idea that large buildings in cities need building permits, but for their own ramshackle houses, they do not request one, and would not know where to request it, and authorities don’t demand them.

And here the good reasons:

This leads Westerners in Thailand and Southeast Asia in general to erroneously believe that they, too, can just go ahead and build a house. But a better one. One with cemented walls.

And then the district engineer comes along and mentions that his signature is needed on a building permit.

Well, that will cost money. The more the more the project has progressed without it.

Well, building permits are only needed for permanent structures. Our structures are movable. Even a palace built of 50 of our units is movable. Each unit can be loaded on a Deva pickup truck, or any similar model, and carted away.

You can even run a 10 unit beach resort on a piece of unclaimed public land, or on land with unclear ownership that can be rented cheaply, without much risk. If authorities complain, the whole complex is moved in 2 or 3 days.