Wigwam is a new concept of modern housing. It is not at all a new concept of traditional housing. Actually, it is a concept much older than what nowadays are conventional houses. Humans were nomads long before they settled, and the nomad lifestyle is in our blood. This is why we are all fascinated by the idea to travel.

Our ancestors were nomads because they had to search for food. But we!are nomads because we search for a new dimension of happiness... and for a good number of very practical concerns (see below). Our ancestors, so to speak, were not developed enough to settle. And we now are too developed to settle.

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Wigwam (our enterprise) is about mobile housing, just like wigwams (the tents of North American natives) were. Everything was better then, but not as good as it can be now if we do not abandon the Wigwam idea.

The wigwam our company produce are not tents. They are more comfortable, and appropriate for an era in which horses, donkeys, and pushcarts are no longer the standard means of transportation.

Our units are fitted for the beds of trucks, but can also be placed on the ground for as long as one desires, without the necessity for a crane.

While the sizes of the units we produce vary slightly, and while the interior varies a great bit, depending on intended primary use, the structural (and philosophical) concept are very much the same throughout: a steel frame and wall, floors, and roofs made from tropical hardwood. Apart from the steel frame, the units are highly flexible. Only bolts and nuts are used, and units can be disassembled with just a set of wrenches.

The steel frame, on the other hand, is needed for stability (including torque tension) because the units are build to withstand being heaved on trucks, driven around on any terrain, rolled into shipping containers, and placed at a new location.

The bottom line of our concept is that in the modern world, houses must be movable. There are many possible reasons why they should be movable, and the reason may vary from person to person.

But not just that houses should be movable. They should be movable easily, without the need of a crane. Ours are. If needed by a single man with a pickup truck.

There are more advantages to our homes. They are easy to repair, easy to expand, and even easily recycled, without much less of value.

Actually, because they are mostly built of tropical hardwood, the recycled value may soon be highest than the purchase price. All wooden boards are just bolted to the steel frame, so they can be taken apart with just a set of wrenches.

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